Enemy Explosion VFX in Unity!

1. Creating Enemy Explosion Animation

  1. Select Enemy Prefab → go to Window → Animation → Animation
  2. When the Animation Window pops up, click ‘Create’ and ‘save’ it into the Unity folder.
  3. Click on the record button, then drag and drop in your series of Enemy explosion frames into the animation window.

2. Uncheck ‘Loop Time’ in Animation

3. Create a new state that will bridge between ‘Entry’ & ‘Enemy Explosion Animation’

  1. Select Enemy Prefab → Go to Animator Window.
  2. You will notice there are 3 text boxes included (Any State, Entry, and the animation that you created (In my case, it is ‘Enemy_Destroyed’))
  3. Currently, the Enemy explosion animation is being called out automatically. We need to create a new state (Empty/Null) that will run first, then runs Enemy Explosion.
  • Sequence: Entry → Empty → Enemy_Destroyed
  • This ‘Has Exit Time’ will cause a slight delay when the animation needs to be played. So, in order to play immediately, let’s uncheck this.

4. Parameters in Animator

  1. Go to Parameter window in Animator → Click on ‘+’ → select ‘Trigger’ → Rename it as ‘OnEnemyDeath’

5. In Enemy script

  • IMPORTANT: we need to wait few seconds before we destroy the Enemy in order to play the animation fully. We can add 3 seconds by writing Destroy(this.gameObject, 3f);
  1. The enemy’s speed would reduce down when explodes.
  2. The enemy can no longer collide with the player when explodes.
  1. Create a bool variable _isEnemyDying which will be false at start.
  2. Add if statement if (_isEnemyDying == false) so that OnTriggerEnter2D() will run only when it is false.
  3. We will turn _isEnemyDying = true when the enemy collides with either the laser or the player.
  4. We will also write _enemySpeed = 2f; to reduce the enemy’s speed.




XR Unity Developer / Designer / Architect

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Du Young Yoon

Du Young Yoon

XR Unity Developer / Designer / Architect

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