Creating Modular PowerUp in Unity!

Creating a variable

  1. TripleShot / 2. SpeedUp / 3. Shield
  • TripleShot = 0 / Speed = 1 / Shield = 2

In Player Script

  • TripleShot: Use ‘bool’ to activate or deactivate (we created this previously)
  • Speed: Use ‘float’ or ‘int’ to increase or decrease number (we created this previously as well)
  • Shield: Use ‘bool’ to activate or deactivate.
Variables for each PowerUp
  • TripleShot: we went over this in the previous article.
  • Speed: we can set it to 10 when activated and return to 5.5 when deactivated.
  • Shield: create a bool statement similar to TripleShot (We will go over how to instantiate this in the next article. Stay tuned!)
Coroutine for each PowerUp

In PowerUp Script




XR Unity Developer / Designer / Architect

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Du Young Yoon

Du Young Yoon

XR Unity Developer / Designer / Architect

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