This is going to be another exciting topic to discuss today — VFX (Visual Effects)! It is going to be similar to how we created PowerUp Animations, but more in-depth. Ok, let’s get started!

This step is going to be pretty similar to what we have done for PowerUps (*You…

Understanding the logic of PowerUp

Ok! This time, let’s go over how we can spawn TripleShotPowerUp similar to how the enemies are being spawned + I will show you a simple animation that will add quality to the game!

To spawn TripleShotPowerUp, let’s first open up SpawnManager script. It’s going to be really really similar…

The game is looking amazing so far. It’s time to create some cool features — ‘Power Up system’ is one of the most important core features that will make the game more exciting and interesting.

In this article, I would like to introduce Triple Shot Power Up. The player would…

Du Young Yoon

XR Unity Developer / Designer / Architect

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